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Roof Inspections

Our software automatically detects damage.  This data can be used by the homeowner with insurance claims and to help the Roofer in estimating. 

3d models - structures & Property

Visualize complex site conditions, structural connections, and building systems. 

Interior Virtual Tours & 3D modeling

Verify proof of condition of the property. Share condition data with stakeholders. Create floorplans for as-built properties. 


Providing aerial data acquisition and processing for all your mapping needs. We use the WingtraOne with PPK and can fly roughly 300 acres per hour. The data can be used to create Orthomosaics, Point Clouds, Progress Updates and more!

Drone Surveying

With the WingtraOne system we can work alongside a surveying team to create accurate (1-3cm) photogrammetry outputs.  We can create DTM, DSM, topographical maps, planimetrics, CAD outputs and more. 

Point Cloud Production

A point cloud is a set of data points in space.  Uses include: Create 3D CAD models, inspections, and for a multitude of visualization, animation, rendering, and mass customization applications. 

Building Information modeling (BIM)

Curious how that new structure is going to look on your property? Use BIM to create a 3D model of the property, then overlay the new structure. 

Let Us assist you through the repair process

Have Damage? Not familiar with the Insurance claim process? Worried you won't get everything covered? Worried you won't find a reliable contractor? We are happy to help our clients --from single unit residential to hundreds of thousands of squarefoot commerical operations--through the repair process. 

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