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Drive Sales and Customer Satisfaction by using DTI for your inspections.

Roofing with Drone Technology

How can we help?

  • Employees safer--Eliminated the need for ladder assists and climbing on roofs

  • Measurement Accuracy -- Increased accuracy over manually generated measurements

  • Fast – we can scan a typical structure in less than 15 minutes

  • No more disputes with Insurance Adjusters -  Damage is automatically detected using our AI algorithms. In addition, almost all insurance companies will work right off of our reports due to the amount of detail we provide.

  • More time for Sales -- Have your sales reps closing deals instead of crawling on roofs

What we do for you:

  • You can now keep your seasoned estimators in the office closing deals with the detailed data that we provide them.

  • Eliminate project managers having to visit job sites to verify accuracy of sales rep measurements. Our measurements are accurate to the inch.

  • Use the unparalleled detail in our reports to plan your project more efficiently.   By using DTI for your inspections, your employees will be able to approach each project with confidence and drastically reduce the time spent on roofs.

  • DTI’s Roof Report streamlines planning, ordering, and material fulfillment

  • Architectural Grade 3D model

Architectural Grade 3D Model
Ultra-High-Res Image Gallery

Shareable Exportable Data (Bids, Roofing Reports, Solar Horizon Reports and more….)

Patented Virtual Test Squares

Do you have a Huge Project you want to bid?   From large to small we bid them all


Let us scan your project today so you have every detail of the roof in minutes

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