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Do you want to protect your investment?

Do you think you might have damage to your roof?


Inspections Using Technology

Our product digitizes an entire property or structure – most notably the roof. Our software takes the data collected by the drone and provides detailed reports on the property.  At DTI, we automate drone-based image capture, we create an image gallery to store ground and aerial photos/videos of your property. DTI’s platform automatically provides every measurement of the roof down to the inch. DTI’s automated Damage Detection driven by Artificial Intelligence eliminates human error and automatically detects roof damage.


Use the intuitive data we provide to better plan for repairs/remodeling. 


Be prepared in case of weather related damages.   If you have a Condition Report from DTI you have proof of the condition of your property.  This streamlines the claims process with your insurance company.    We are happy to help with the claims process.  


We arrange to get you 3 quotes from leading contractors at no charge to you.    Saving you time and money.


Most times insurance companies will work right off of our report allowing the repairs to begin on your home much faster.


By having a yearly DTI Scope we can compare the conditions of your home from year to year. This allows you to catch maintenance and potential problem areas before they occur.

Why Choose DTI?

  • Save Time and Money -We provide 3 free quotes from top rated local contractors within 72 hours of receiving your house scan eliminating the hassle of the bid process. 

  • Be the first on the list after a storm in case you need repairs by using one of our local top rated preferred contractors.

  • Insurance adjusters and contractors can settle your claim much faster with our technology – most times an adjuster won’t even need to visit your home in person.

  • Have an independent 3rd party on your side when it comes to proof of damages and condition of your home.

  • Save money by using our preferred partner insurance experts to resolve your claim

  • Curious how much it would cost to do a home remodeling project?   We can have 3 quotes by preferred contractors to you within 72 hours

  • Use our 3D modeling illustrator to see how your project will look once finished

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