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3D model

Using the same technology as modern video games, we can provide a 3D model animation of your property. The Ridgeview model is 1,400 photos stitched together. Picture this on your website allowing your future clients to feel like they're on your porperty. Check out the link below for an interactive 3D model. 

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What can we create for you? 
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Point Clouds are data points in space. In this case, thousands of images were used to create those data points.  This video shows our point cloud viewing application, which can be used to take measurements of any part of this property, all from the comfort of a desk.  Need a new concrete pad? Use this tool to measure the space that needs repaired.  


Our damage detection software automatically detects damage on the roof.  This service is useful in a variety of scenarios.  A homeowner should request our inspection during the insurance claim process. Additionally, howeowners should use this service to prove when they have no damage: for example when selling a house or just after a roof is replaced.  Roofers can use this service to obtain measurements and to understand the extend of the damage. Check out the links below for sample reports.

Feel like you're inside the property. Whether assessing damage on an insurance claim or showing off your space interior virtual tours immerse the viewer.  Has your property been remodeled numerous time by numerous owners? These tours can create a floorplan that can be used by designers, engineers, etc. These tours provide ability to take measurements, tag features, floor plan schematics and so much more....  Virtual Tours create 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, point clouds, videos, and other media.

virtual tour

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