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We complete inspections 5 times faster with more detail and accuracy. 


Stop asking your team to climb on roofs. 

Inspections Using Technology

It is very difficult to shorten claim cycle times, reduce LAE, produce quality assessments, all while ensuring safety.  Our solution will save you time and money plus allow your adjusters to close more claims.


Our Reports/Bids include:  Area Measurements, Architectural Grade 3D Modeling, Damage Detection Powered by AI, Roof Measurements, Image Gallery, Roof/Pitch/Area Diagrams, Total Squares, Flight/Property/Customer Information.

We send you two reports -- Property Condition Report and Roof Measurement Report.   DTI can send these reports to you in the following file formats:  PDF, MCX (Macro Xactimate File), XML (Symbility) and DXF.  We will be able to send as a ESX file soon....stay tuned.

Shorten Cycle Times

Automatic damage detection using AI, eliminates non-identified damage and return visits to the site. Our team at DTI will have the report to you within a few hours of completing the inspection then within a few seconds your Xactimate file is complete .

  • Let our technology and team work for you. You no longer have to send adjusters to the site of the claim. 

  • DTI neatly organizes all the images in files making decisions on loss easier to identify and document.

  • Our high-res imagery makes you feel like you are standing on the roof.

drone (2).png

Close more claims with better customer experience by retaining DTI to supply you with all the required data that you need to resolve your claim.


No matter the size of the structure, our technology gives you all the data that you need to resolve the claim.

Ensure Consistency with Drones and AI

Measurements with accuracy down to the inch.


Let us help you when the insured needs you most. We can complete 5 times as many property scans as your traditional methods all while providing more detail and more accuracy.  Let Drone Tech Imaging handle collecting the data to provide the most accurate and complete estimate.  

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