Drone Solar Inspection

Increase your bottom line and become more efficient


Use Drone Tech Imaging to streamline your solar site surveys.   DTI does a quick automated drone flight of your solar site.    We then share all of the data we collect in CAD-ready 3D models, detailed horizon reports and other solar planning essentials.   Using DTI just made solar planning a whole lot easier.

  • Get your solar surveys immediately

  • 50% faster CAD design

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Close More Deals…

Why Use Drone Tech Imaging Solar Services?
  • Faster Measurements and Modeling – When using our solar survey service we provide dozens of ultra-high-res images which are used to obtain measurement down to the inch and auto generate 3D models.

  • We take human error out of the equation.    Have your reps closing deals instead of doing surveys.

Site-wide Data Capture
  • Our platform simplifies site-wide capture and allows us to accomplish the entire survey in one trip, which allows us to provide the data to you immediately.

Simplified Design Process
  • Our software automatically creates a 3D model

  • We are able to export the model as a flattened DXF file into CAD – this essentially will cut your design time in half.

About Us

Drone Tech Imaging is a team of estimators, scanners and data collectors who use the latest in technology in order to digitize a property or structure then explore, measure and analyze it using Artificial Intelligence.    We simply take human error out of the equation.


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