Where Aerial Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence 

Imagery Never Before Imagined

We use a fleet of Drones to take high-res-imagery of structures and properties.

An array of services

Drones are the future! We are constantly adding new types of services. Drones typically decrease cost and increase efficiency when applied to new arenas. 

Technology in the Roof Inspection Process

Artificial Intelligence explores, measures and analyzes the data collected in real-time.  Our software detects damages that the human eye can easily miss.


The Process


At DTI we automate drone-based image capture, we create an image gallery of ground and aerial photos and videos


Architectural grade 3D models


Our platform automatically provides measurements with accuracy down to the inch


Our Damage Detection driven by Artificial Intelligence eliminates human error and automatically detects damages to the roof.


After assessing the entire structure DTI takes all of the information gathered and provides detailed reports to the hiring party.